She walked in darkness of the night
Her footsteps they were feather light
Heard a noise behind her come
First her instinct was to run

Turned around to try and see
Who in darkness follows me
No one there she looked around
Footsteps now made greater sound

Racing fast as she could go
She had to leave this place of woe
Now she heard a sound so near
Her heart was pumping full of fear

What made her leave her house so safe
To find herself in such a place
Darkness all around her here
Shadows seem to now appear

Seeing things that were not there
She'd touch them and they disappeared
She didn't know what she could do
How could she ever make it through

Upon her shoulder she felt a hand
Touching her with such command
She let out such a horrid scream
Wake up dear, it's Halloween.


~ Francine Pucillo ~
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